What’s a good way to teach my son to program Java [closed]

OK, so I’ve read through various posts about teaching beginner’s to program, and there were some helpful things I will look at more closely. But what I want to know is whether there are any effective tools out there to teach a kid Java specifically?

I want to teach him Java specifically because (a) with my strong background in C I feel that’s too complex, (b) Java is the other language I know extremely well and therefore I can assist meaningfully without needing to teach myself a new but (to me) useless language, and (c) I feel that managed languages are the future, and lastly (d) Java is one of the simplest of all the languages I know well (aside from basic).

I learned in basic, and I am open to teaching that first, but I am unaware of a decent free basic shell for Windows (though I haven’t really searched, yet since it’s not my first choice), and would anyway want to progress quickly to Java.

My son is 8, so that’s a couple of years earlier than I started – but he has expressed an
interest in learning to program (possibly because I work from home a lot and he sees me programming all the time).

If no-one can suggest a tool designed for this purpose, I will probably start him off with text/console based apps to teach the basics, and then progress to GUI building.

Oh, one last thing, I am not a fan of IDE’s (old school text editor type), so I would not be put off at all by a system that has him typing real code, and would likely prefer that to a toy drag/drop system.

EDIT: Just to clarify; I really am specifically after ways to teach him Java; there are already a good many posts with good answers for other language alternatives – but that’s not what I am looking for here.

EDIT: What about Java frameworks for 2D video games – can anyone recommend any of them from personal experience? I like the idea of him starting with the mechanics in place (main game loop, scoring, etc) and adding the specifics for a game of his own imagining – that’s what I did, though for me it was basic on a Commodore VIC-20 and a Sinclair ZX-81.


Just make the learning fun and all the rest will follow !
Amazingly Scala might be the easiest language if you try Kojo
(Scala is better Java, you have access to all Java libraries of course)


Remove the default browser header and footer when printing HTML

I got an HTML with the <body onload="window.print()">.

The question I’m trying to ask is:

  • Is there any way to remove the strings that the web browsers add to the printed page?
  • Such as:
    • Web site from where the page was printed
    • Page count
    • Title of the web page
    • Date of printing


Google Docs is now skirting around this issue by generating a PDF version of your document.

If you are using Chrome, it will automatically open the PDF in a new tab and pop up the print dialog. Other browsers will prompt you to download the resultant file (which is not necessarily obvious behavior).

While I don’t find this to be an elegant solution, one should be able to recreate this fairly easily using most existing web technologies.

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