Unexpected cookie domain after injecting cooking script to WKWebView

I am initializing a WKWebView with a script that injects cookies. The script has the form:

document.cookie = 'mycookie=2bxxx962-b525-4afb-88de-ae4f12ecaxxxx;;path=/;expires=Fri, 10 Apr 2020 21:32:50 GMT';

But, after I load a url and inspect the cookies, the cookie has a domain=""

Does someone know why the dot is being added? This is causing problems downstream as I now have duplicate cookies.


becuse your domain is has a subdomain. is default use browser isnt check subdomain if is begin with “.” it’s should useful for you


How to read Parquet file from S3 without spark? Java

Currently, I am using the Apache ParquetReader for reading local parquet files, which looks something like this:

ParquetReader<GenericData.Record> reader = null;
    Path path = new Path("userdata1.parquet");
    try {
        reader = AvroParquetReader.<GenericData.Record>builder(path).withConf(new Configuration()).build();
        GenericData.Record record;
        while ((record = != null) {

However, I am trying to access a parquet file through S3 without downloading it. Is there a way to parse Inputstream directly with parquet reader?


Yes, the latest versions of hadoop include support for S3 filesystem. Use the s3a client from hadoop-aws library to directly access the S3 filesystem.

The HadoopInputFile Path should be constructed as s3a://bucket-name/prefix/key along with the authentication credentials access_key and secret_key configured using the properties

  • fs.s3a.access.key
  • fs.s3a.secret.key

Additionally, you would require these dependant libraries

  • hadoop-common JAR
  • aws-java-sdk-bundle JAR

Read more: Relevant configuration properties


ionic capacitor qrscanner activity compat

I’m creating an ionic capacitor application. In my app I have to use QR Scanner so I used plugin to integrate qr scanner. Then I do ionic capacitor copy android and ionic capacitor open android . Then in android studio when I try to build it throws

capacitor-cordova-android-plugins/src/main/java/com/bitpay/cordova/qrscanner/ -cannot find symbol class ActivityCompat -cannot find symbol variable ActivityCompat

Ionic version is 6.4.0 and android studio version is 3.6.2

Can some one help me to solve this.


Capacitor 2.0 uses Android X, that means all plugins have to use Android X too and that one is not updated.

As workarounds you can use Capacitor 1.5.2 or use jetifier to patch plugins to use Android X.

npm install jetifier
npx jetifier
npx cap sync android
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