Which versions of Kotlin are compatible with which versions of the JDK?

I know Kotlin requires the JDK when running Kotlin. For example, I use Kotlin 1.4.0 and I use JDK 14. However, I’m not sure about Kotlin and JDK version compatibility.

Is there a Kotlin and JDK version compatibility table?

I looked through the official document but I couldn’t find the information that I wanted.


Which versions of JVM does Kotlin target?

Kotlin lets you choose the
version of JVM for execution. By default, the Kotlin/JVM compiler
produces Java 6 compatible bytecode. If you want to make use of
optimizations available in newer versions of Java, you can explicitly
specify the target Java version from 8 to 13. Note that in this case
the resulting bytecode might not run on lower versions.

Source: stackoverflow
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