Linkify with Compose Text

I can’t find how to linkify my Text() using Jetpack Compose.

Before compose all I had to do was:

Linkify.addLinks(myTextView, Linkify.EMAIL_ADDRESSES or Linkify.WEB_URLS)

And all the links contained in my TextView were becoming clickable links, obviously.

Important: The content of the Text is coming from an API and the links do not have a fixed position and content may contain multiple links.

I want to keep this behavior with using Jetpack Compose but I can’t find any information about doing that.

Does anyone know?


In case someone is looking for a solution, the following will make any links clickable and styled in your text:

fun LinkifyText(text: String, modifier: Modifier = Modifier) {
    val uriHandler = LocalUriHandler.current
    val layoutResult = remember {
    val linksList = extractUrls(text)
    val annotatedString = buildAnnotatedString {
        linksList.forEach {
                    style = SpanStyle(
                            color = Color.Companion.Blue,
                            textDecoration = TextDecoration.Underline
                    start = it.start,
                    end = it.end
                    tag = "URL",
                    annotation = it.url,
                    start = it.start,
                    end = it.end
    Text(text = annotatedString, style = MaterialTheme.typography.body1, modifier = modifier.pointerInput(Unit) {
    detectTapGestures { offsetPosition ->
        layoutResult.value?.let {
            val position = it.getOffsetForPosition(offsetPosition)
            annotatedString.getStringAnnotations(position, position).firstOrNull()
                ?.let { result ->
                    if (result.tag == "URL") {
            onTextLayout = { layoutResult.value = it }

private val urlPattern: Pattern = Pattern.compile(
                + "(([\w\-]+\.){1,}?([\w\-.~]+\/?)*"
                + "[\p{Alnum}.,%_=?&#\-+()\[\]\*$~@!:/{};']*)",
        Pattern.CASE_INSENSITIVE or Pattern.MULTILINE or Pattern.DOTALL

fun extractUrls(text: String): List<LinkInfos> {
    val matcher = urlPattern.matcher(text)
    var matchStart: Int
    var matchEnd: Int
    val links = arrayListOf<LinkInfos>()

    while (matcher.find()) {
        matchStart = matcher.start(1)
        matchEnd = matcher.end()

        var url = text.substring(matchStart, matchEnd)
        if (!url.startsWith("http://") && !url.startsWith("https://"))
            url = "https://$url"

        links.add(LinkInfos(url, matchStart, matchEnd))
    return links

data class LinkInfos(
        val url: String,
        val start: Int,
        val end: Int
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