Cannot destructure property ‘data’ of ‘(intermediate value)’ as it is undefined

This error is in the console and it prevents the app from working, I cant find the bug at all if anyone could help? Its a MERN application

The code in question

export const getPosts = () => async (dispatch) => {
    try {
      const { data } = await api.fetchPosts();
      dispatch({ type: 'FETCH_ALL', payload: data });
    } catch (error) {

VSC is telling me await doesn’t effect this kind of expression, which it should as fetchPosts is a request? The code for this is below

export const fetchPosts = () => {


The problem is that, although axios.get may return a promise, the fetchPosts function you’ve wrapped it in doesn’t return the promise that axios.get returns:

const fetchPosts = () => {

const myFetch = fetchPosts();

console.log(myFetch); // will log `undefined`

If you rewrite fetchPosts as so:

export const fetchPosts = () => axios.get(url);

…with the implicit return from your arrow function, I think it should work. Alternatively, you could just explicitly return the result of axios.get:

const fetchPosts = () => {
    return axios.get(url);

…but your linter may complain about that.

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