Android Studio 4.1+ emulator sidebar?

This question been bugging me since the release of the built-in emulator tab.
How to make it appear? Like, enforce it.

Because it just seems to appear whenever. I work mainly with Flutter projects and some projects just open and there it is. Other projects don’t have the emulator tab so I have to run it in a separate window like it used to be. There are no options anywhere – it either “is” or not. I want consistency and I like it being a tab. How to enable it once and for all? Is it possible?


Solution is quite simple, if I don’t see emulator in my Flutter project, I check in File->Project Structure, see picture.

There has to be an “Android” module, if there is none, just add it from a ‘+’ menu, that’s all, the Emulator tab will appear.

enter image description here


Next.js not auto refreshing

I’m having trouble with Next.js, basically it doesn’t auto refresh local host index page whenever I make a change.

I created a Next.js app using npx create-next-app --use-npm. I started the local server using npm start, then I edited the h1 tag in index.js file, changing it from <h1>First Page</h1> to <h1>Second Page</h1>. Then I saved the file.

However, my local serve doesn’t auto refresh and reflect the change I just made. I have to run npm run build then npm run start to be able to see the change.

Appreciate any suggestions, or maybe point me to the right direction on solving this, cuz not be able to see the auto refresh really slows down the dev process 🙁


You have to use npm run dev

These scripts refer to the different stages of developing an application:

dev – Runs next dev which starts Next.js in development mode

build – Runs next build which builds the application for production usage

start – Runs next start which starts a Next.js production server


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